Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guess Who Turned 5 Yesterday?

Yep, he's five! Hard to believe it! Elijah has grown up so much in the last year! He decided he wanted a Star Wars birthday theme this year with a Darth Vader cake. Well, Darth Vader was not going to happen. With a little Internet search this is what I came up with! Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are fighting on Mustafar, and also where Anakin gets all messed up and has to become Darth Vader! A dad came up with this great idea for this cake and I just ran with it! Such a great idea and everyone loved it! You are asking, I'm sure, what the volcano mound is made from, right? It's rice crispy treats! Basically it's lots of red icing and melted chocolate bark all on top of a brownie base. It was a yummy combo.

Darth Vader (Daddy) came to visit briefly and take pictures with most of the guest. It was a bit hot in the house, so it didn't last for long. He was a big hit!

Doug came up with the idea to have Jedi Training. They had to pin the X-wing fighter on the Clone Wars posted while blind folder (think pin the tail on the donkey here). Next it was off to target training. Shooting over figurines with nerf guns. And onto light saber contest to see who was the winner! I think over all the contest was won by our older guests! But truly didn't keep score well enough to do that. It was just lots of fun.

Here you see the Storm Trooper Elijah. He as been seeing these in the stores for several weeks just couldn't stand the idea of not getting one! This is what we picked out for Nana & Papa Lyons to give.
Here is General Grievous' Starfighter! This was a hard to find one, but finally Doug has success and found it ToysRus! Uncle David, Aunt Debbie, Becky & Kelsey gave his this. He was so excited.
And from Grandma & Papaw Lalli he got game cube controls and starwars games that can be played with the Wii. I'm not sure who is more excited about this, Isaac or Elijah, LOL

Over it was a great evening. We keep thinking we aren't going to do these big parties but they just keep happening. They only happen once a year and it's a long time from September to May and I think Doug & I forget how much work they are! But from May to September we do remember and we just can't do for one and not the other, so we do it once again! Doug is the brain child as far as games go and I take care of the cake and other decorations, so we make a great team! I'm thinking a family party sounds so good to me right now!

Thanks for sharing in our day, even it's long distance and from this venue. It means the world to him! He loved each card, phone call, e-card and gift! He was excited all day long and told everyone we saw yesterday NO MATTER WHERE WE WERE or who they were, stranger or not, everyone knew it was Elijah's 5th Birthday yesterday!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!
No way he's 5?!
What a cool birthday party-great cake! What a blessing I know he is your sweet family! Hope it's his best year yet!

tarab said...

the icing doesn't look at all pink in the post- way to go!

Kim said...

Love the new look!