Saturday, March 10, 2007

Disney Day 2....The Adventure Continues

After a drive thru dinner of taco bell and an ok nights sleep, we were up bright and early for day 2! Did I mention this was a fast furious day and a half? We got to Disney's Animal Kingdom at 9:00! Headed for the Safari and realized we didn't have a clue the line was going to be so long, so we just skipped it! Got a fast pass for "Bugs Life" and headed for our Character Breakfast. They were running about 20 minutes behind so I ran and took the boys back to where Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger were signing autographs! And then we headed back for our breakfast! I mentioned that the breakfast was great and getting pics with them Mickey was a treat! We headed out for a few picture opportunities and then off to "It's a Bugs Life". Both the boys loved it. I was a little nervous that Elijah wouldn't like it, but he thought it was a blast. We headed for the Dinosaur ride next. It was too much crazy fun, Elijah didn't like this one at all. He was so pressed up against me that I thought he was glued there for life! ;) He didn't cry, but it was more than he wanted to experience! There wasn't much else left to do there, so we headed for Disney's MGM and made it just in time for the daily parade where all the characters come out! The boys saw Darth Vader, all the Power Rangers, Monsters Inc. gang, oh wow, just about everyone was there! Here we hit the Stunt Car show which Doug was most excited about. But just before that we were able to get in line to get an autograph of the "Red Ranger" from SPD. I think the boys thought that was cool too. We did a lot of walking and standing in line today, but we hit the highlights and look forward to going again in the future! Here a few pictures of our day two! Enjoy!

Finally a few Disney Pictures!

Nothing waiting nearly a month to share a few photos of the boys at Disney. I'm still not sure if they were as excited as I would have liked them to be, however, neither of them really knew what Disney was. I think what they enjoyed the most was our character breakfast where we were able to enjoy a wonderful buffet breakfast and waited to meet, Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Goofy. On Sunday we hit Magic Kingdom and our first ride was Buzz Lightyear. On this one you shoot the enemy, which is right up their alley and when the ride is over you get to see how good a "Ranger" you are. Our ride was cut short when it malfunctioned. The boys didn't realize it, so that was good. We road the Indy Cars next! We let both boys drive the cars themselves, we were in the car with them, but they did the steering! Yikes, my sides were hurting from Elijah's driving. Good thing he is only 3 and we have few more years before he is really ready to drive, :) (As a side note, I think I remember me driving on this ride many many years ago and I got stuck cause I had "jumped" off the track, am I dreaming this, or did it really happen? Mom, Dad? Can you help me remember?) Our next stop was to Dumbo. By this time Elijah had had enough of standing in lines and waiting for Isaac and I waited for this one. While we waited, Doug and Elijah rode Snow White's Scary Adventure and Cinderella's Merry Go Round. I was most excited about riding Dumbo as my childhood memory was of me waiting in line with Dad holding my ticket and me dropping my ticket behind the ticket box. I don't remember if we got it back, but I did get to ride it anyway! I have a great shot of myself and Dad riding on Dumbo so Doug was able to get a shot of Isaac and I on it too! I have visions of a layout dancing in my head! :) Next we were off to It's a small world. Long wait, but worth it! Next we were off to The Haunted Mansion! I was afraid that Elijah would think it was too scary, but he did great! He thought it was great that the ghosts "sat our laps" at the end of the ride. Our last ride of the day was Pirates of the Caribbean, the changes they made on this ride was awesome! Getting to see Jack Sparrow was so cool. It was like seeing Johnny Depp for live and in person! The kids loved it too. We were done for the day! Hungry and tired! But fun was had by all!!! I could go on and on, but I think I will add some pictures of day 1 and write more later!!!