Friday, October 06, 2006

Isaac's Field Trip

Daddy & Isaac went on a field trip yesterday to Mrs. Martha's house. She is one of ladies who works at the preschool. Doug was one of 2 adult males on this trip, the other one the school bus driver, LOL. Doug can add more detail, but I thought I would share the fun they had with his little friends. The last picture is from left to right, Kearsten, Autumn, Kyle, Isaac, Andrew, Bennett, Anniston and Kyla. The first picture is of Isaac & Kearsten and Kyle's head was cut off, but I love the shot Doug got of Kearsten. Isn't she a beauty?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Halloween Costumes bought today!

The boys and I had a little bit of time to kill this afternoon after school, so we headed to Target to look at the Halloween costumes. Elijah has said all along that he wanted to be Spiderman and Isaac thought he wanted to do it again this year too. I just wasn't convinced that was the way to go. After showing them many costumes they both chose Power Rangers! Thankfully they were ok with one being green and the other one red! We tried them on and they fit perfect. I almost took a picture but decided to let everyone wait until we are bit closer to the event. As it is we will have many opportunities to wear them! So pictures will be coming soon!!