Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun In The Pool...

I totally forgot to post pictures of the boys playing in the pool! They have had so much fun it already. I know the water has been a little cold, but they should still get a few more good weeks of use out of fit before it gets winterized. We are planning to have a pool party for Elijah's 5th birthday. He is excited about it. Assuming the weather holds out, he'll be so excited.

I honestly think Elijah's lips are blue in this picture and Isaac is shivering, LOL I know they are looking forward to warmer water this weekend! Have a great weekend!

Football Season Has Begun!

It's August and that means school as well as OCYFL starting! It's a new season, new coaches and new teammates. We had a great season last year and have BIG shoes to fill this year! I thought I would share the pictures I took on Saturday. I got lucky and got some good shots, but we are still buying pics from the actual photographer. We'll keep you posted as the season goes along. We have Jamboree on Saturday, a scrimmage game, which will be most of the boys first experience with an actual game, it ought to be a something to see!

Isaac's First Day of First Grade! August 13th!

The summer was just too short! Truly he only had 10 weeks of summer! It went by so fast. Isaac was very ready to go back, he loves school and was excited to see who was going to be in his class.

We learned on the 7th that Isaac's new teacher was going to be Ms. Jessica Doty. She is in her 3rd year of teaching and is full of great ideas! We love her already.

About the only thing we were less than happy about was that Isaac only has 3 kids from his Kindergarten class. I think I was more upset about it than he was, but then again, isn't that how it usually is, mom or dad upset, kid just rolls with the punches! He has already made some new friends and he does get to have recess with his old classmates, so he will still get to them from time to time.

Oh and he will have this teacher and these classmates for both 1st & 2nd grade. I was a little concerned about this at first, thinking that if we didn't get a good match with the teacher we would have problems, but knowing now who we have, I couldn't be more thrilled.

Isaac asked the other day when he gets a break from school again! It's started already! :) However, he also added that he didn't think First Grade was that hard! I told him he hasn't started to have homework yet, so he might change his mind. Our note says homework will start the week after Labor Day so we still have one more week before it really kicks in!

Pool Install August 13th

Yep, we did it, we bought a pool late in the summer! It was install on August 13th, Isaac's first day back to school! He was excited when he got home!

I was amazed at how fast these pools go in. Did you ever wonder what 6 tons of sand looks like? Well, now you now.

Not that impressive is it? I thought it would be a huge mound! Not that much!

I think the guys were here about 4 hours total, and the hardest part was Doug & I putting the ladders together on Saturday! Our neighbors joked that they nearly divorced over putting the ladder together, we didn't find it that challenging in our marriage, LOL We did however have a few words while putting the pool cover on, yep, just a huge piece of bubble wrap, LOL!!!

Enjoy the pics! Have a great day!