Friday, August 22, 2008

Pool Install August 13th

Yep, we did it, we bought a pool late in the summer! It was install on August 13th, Isaac's first day back to school! He was excited when he got home!

I was amazed at how fast these pools go in. Did you ever wonder what 6 tons of sand looks like? Well, now you now.

Not that impressive is it? I thought it would be a huge mound! Not that much!

I think the guys were here about 4 hours total, and the hardest part was Doug & I putting the ladders together on Saturday! Our neighbors joked that they nearly divorced over putting the ladder together, we didn't find it that challenging in our marriage, LOL We did however have a few words while putting the pool cover on, yep, just a huge piece of bubble wrap, LOL!!!

Enjoy the pics! Have a great day!

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