Saturday, November 01, 2008

First Round of the OCYFL Playoffs!

And we are still in it! The score was 6 to 6 at in end of the forth quarter and with a double overtime we finally got a run to declare the game over, Falcons 12, Packers 6! What a painful game! It was a tough one. I don't know who was more stressed, the kids or the parents. I seriously think it was the parents! It was an intense game!

OK, "Coach Doug" here. Raegan says I know more about the game so I should write about it. We had some kids just really gut it out today. The Packers have the best kid in the league on their team. We just know him as #99 and he's huge! (Truth be told, it will be Elijah who is this kid in a couple years!) He's 8 and weighs over 110 lbs. What a tank. Anyway, he smashed two of our running backs and a QB a few times. All of them came off the field at different times after being hit by 99. We had one kid "on him" for the whole game and by the end, he was exhausted. 99 had at least 40 pounds on him but he's the strongest kid on our team. His name is Isaiah and is the other adopted kid on our team, so he and Isaac have a ton in common. At the end, we had to keep telling him: "just one more play." He responded! Incredible.

Isaac had a fantastic game making several tackles once again and caused another fumble - which we recovered, but the refs somehow figured out a way to let the packers keep it. (They really don't like our team and I'm not exactly sure why.) Two of Isaac's tackles were HUGE. He made a 4th down stop on 4th and 2 that would have certainly given the pack a chance to score. He's something else to watch. He just sneaks into the backfield and grabs on and brings 'em down. We've called him "plastic man" all year and he's played true to that.

Our win came at the end of the 2nd overtime. The do overtime like the NCAA does, so each team gets a chance to score. In the first overtime, we got the ball first and had two penalties called on us to back us up even farther from the 15 yard line so we just couldn't get the ball in the end zone. On their possession, they drove a little bit and fumbled on third down. Since in overtime you alternate possessions, they got the ball again. This time, they had seven chances to score! On third down, we got them for a loss and there was a mysterious face mask call for five yards and though I'm not sure why - gave them an automatic first down. (They were no where near the first down.) So they had four more tries and one of those tries was one of Isaac's best tackle, getting the RB for a three yard loss. We held them to the one yard line and they turned it over on downs.
On our second possession, we started at the ten and immediately got a penalty. (Seriously, we had about 15 flags on us versus 3 on them - something seriously fishy going on.) We got to a third and goal from the 15 and our RB took an end around to the four. So, on 4th and 4 we ran up the middle and our RB took the ball outside to the right after dodging three guys, scores the winning TD by a foot! WE went nuts!!!!
I sure felt bad for the Packers in one sense. That was their FOURTH overtime loss this season, two against us. They played 8 games, so half were overtime losses. Poor kids. They were better than their record for sure.
So, NEXT week, we have the Colts. I HATE the Colts. Their coach is a league board member and many think he gets preferential treatment. I tend to agree, but I'm sure I'm biased. They beat us earlier this season but it was a lousy loss. We dominated the whole game but kept getting penalties for really bad calls. They had one lucky run on us and they made their extra point which we still struggle with. I don't think think this game will be as hard as the one today. We'll see!!!!

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LOL- he's such the dad! No bias noted - at all - LOL. : )